Building Technology & Engineering

Our Architects, Building Technology Consultants and Engineers analyze failures of the built environment. Utilizing site observations combined with our knowledge, training, and expertise in design and construction, we investigate damage resulting from a multitude of causes. These causes can include natural and manmade phenomena such as earth movement, wind, fire and water as well as defective construction stemming from errors in design, materials, or workmanship. In addition, we assist Environmental Engineers and Industrial Hygienists by identifying sources of water infiltration. Our Architects, Building Technology Consultants and Engineers work closely with our Cost Estimators and Schedulers to develop repair programs to meet the needs of our clients.

Building Diagnostic Services

  • Engineering and Architectural Design Review
  • Building Code and Standards Compliance Analysis
  • Investigation and Analysis of Engineering and Architectural Component Failure
  • Construction Engineering
  • Rehabilitation and Repair of Existing Structures
  • Shoring Design, Site Stabilization
  • Moisture and Water Intrusion Survey
  • Building Envelope Integrity Survey
  • Destructive Non-Destructive Testing
  • Facade, Fenestration, Roofing and Waterproofing Testing
  • Contract Compliance Review
  • Building Product Compliance Analysis
  • Standard of Care Evaluation
  • Fault Apportionment Analysis
  • Litigation Support
  • Graphical Presentations and Demonstrative Models
  • Expert Testimony


Primary Contacts

Building Technology:
Eugene C. Nesbit, AIA
Terence P. Skee

David A. VanDerostyne, PE, SE
Gregory D. Smith, PE, SE