Construction Defects & Liability Insurance Claims

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Our Architects, Building Technology Consultants, Engineers, Construction Managers and Cost Estimators consult on liability claims involving defective design, construction, installation or materials and claims due to deficient maintenance issues. As Consultants, we prepare and respond to claims on behalf of our clients, developing case strategies for mediation and litigation. We assist Owners, Insurance Adjusters, Litigation Managers and Attorneys representing a variety of parties involved in construction defect litigation.

Investigative Analysis

  • Defective Construction Claim Preparation and Response
  • Engineering and Architectural Failure Analysis
  • Investigative Inspection and Testing
  • Roof and Waterproofing System Failure Analysis
  • Remedial Repair and Methodology Options
  • Remedial Cost Estimating
  • Building Product Compliance Analysis
  • Standard of Care Evaluation
  • Code Compliance and Conformance Evaluation
  • Building Envelope Analysis

Mediation, Settlement Conference & Trial Assistance

  • Analysis, Meeting Agendas and Strategies
  • Demonstrative Presentation
  • Alternative Solutions Negotiation
  • Fault Apportionment Analysis
  • Remediation Strategy
  • Discovery and Deposition Assistance
  • Expert Testimony

Data, Document & Image Management

  • Document Organization, Indexing, Control and Retrieval
  • Contract and Scope of Work Analysis


Primary Contacts

Michelle (Shelly) J. Robbins, AIA

A. Marc Goupille

David A. VanDerostyne, PE, SE