Building Technology & Engineering

Our Fire & Electrical Forensics team includes certified fire forensic consultants who provide comprehensive fire analysis services involving commercial, industrial and residential structures, heavy equipment, commercial vehicles and marine vessels. We assist our clients with the analysis of fire and explosion incidents for origin and cause and provide support through the litigation process for both civil and criminal cases. Our clients include attorneys, insurance carriers, manufacturers and contractors. We provide support for all types of events with significant experience in large loss, litigation support and specialty hazard claims.

Origin & Cause Assessment

  • Fire Origin and Cause Determination
  • Explosions (Overpressure Events)
  • Electrical Fire and Explosion Causation
  • Electrical Shock Injury Causation

Failure Analysis & Damage Assessments

  • Appliance and Electronics Defect Analysis
  • Electrical Equipment Failure Analysis
  • Electrical Installation Deficiency Assessments
  • Lightning/Power Surge Damage Assessments

Fire Protection & Code Compliance

  • Electrical Code Compliance Assessments
  • Fire Code and Safety Compliance
  • Fire and Safety Inspections and Consultations
  • Fire Protection and Alarm System Evaluations
  • Fire, Electrical and Chemical Hazards Analysis

Litigation & Subrogation Support

  • First and Third Party Claims
  • K9 Accelerant Detection
  • Evidence Collection and Storage
  • Expert Testimony


Primary Contacts

Kenneth W. Ashcraft, CFEI
Paul J. Castellano, PE, CFEI