Property Loss & Builder's Risk Insurance Claims

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  Property Loss &
Builder's Risk
Insurance Claims
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Our team of design and construction professionals provides technical assistance to Adjusters and their respective Attorneys for Property Loss and Builder's Risk claims resulting from earth movement, wind, hail, fire, water and other perils. We consult on assignments involving residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, civil structures and improvements performing damage assessments and determination of causation.

We develop prudent repair solutions sensitive to commercial and industrial operations and to schedules, budgets and production priorities of ongoing construction.

Loss Assessment

  • Scope of Loss Assessment
  • Component Failure and Distress Analysis
  • Alternative Engineering Solutions
  • Pre-existing Conditions Identification
  • Conceptual Estimates
  • Comparative Scope Analysis and Solution Negotiation
  • Multiple Part, Detailed Estimate in CSI Format or Room-By-Room Basis
  • Xactimate Estimate Formats
  • Upgrades, Code and Ordinance Analysis
  • Negotiations with Contractors

Builder's Risk Claims

  • State-of-Progress Values Assessment
  • Existing Schedule of Value Anomalies Identification
  • Repair Costs and Means and Methods Analysis
  • Schedule Delay and Impact Analysis

Reconstruction & Monitoring

  • Construction Acceleration versus Business Interruption Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Expediting and Extra Expense Evaluation
  • Clerk of the Works and Construction Contract Monitoring
  • Loss Reconstruction Cost Auditing

Appraisal Services

  • Document and Data Management for Appraisal Hearings
  • Graphical Presentations and Demonstrative Models
  • Expert Testimony


Primary Contacts
Craig R. Tarr, CPE

A. Marc Goupille

Randal A. Goetz

Kevin M. McMahon