Water Restoration Consulting

Our Restoration Team has experience in the restoration and construction industries with firsthand knowledge of practices and procedures required to properly execute emergency responses associated with floods, fires, explosions, tornadoes and hurricanes. Our team uses the applied science of drying to ensure proper utilization of equipment by restoration contractors. We measure critical environmental factors to verify that established protocols are accurate and that submitted invoices are reflective of the loss. As the drying process progresses to the remediation phase of the work, MKA provides expertise to measure repair versus replacement costs.

Prior to Onset of Work

  • Initial Assessments of Damage and Feasibility of Drying the Structure
  • Emergency Response to Catastrophic Event
  • Drying Philosophy Analysis
  • Investigation of the Extent of Smoke and Water Migration to establish a Proper Response
  • Rates and Scope Accuracy Analysis
  • Interaction with Industrial Hygienists retained by the Insured to reach Agreements for the Remediation Process
  • Microbiological Risk Assessment, Sampling, and Project Design to develop a Scope of Work based on Observations made during Site Inspection
  • Wildfire Particulate Investigation and Sampling for Soot, Char, and Ash for Protocol Development

During Moisture Control, Dry Down & Remediation

  • Progress Monitoring
  • Clerk of the Works
  • Measure Environmental Parameters, including Microbiological Sampling to Document Conditions Present following a Loss or a Claimed Event

At Completion

  • Audit of Scope and Costs submitted for Accuracy and Conformance
  • Verification, (Including Environmental Sampling), that Structural Drying and the Remediation Protocol has been Successfully Completed by the Contractor
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Testimony

Primary Contacts

David G. Hooper II

Richard B. Gosliga