Las Vegas, NV

The Project

The MGM Las Vegas Fire in 1980 was one of the largest and deadliest fires in history at that time. The cost of repairs presented to the Insurance Carriers was approximately $250 million which was somewhat more than anticipated. The Insurance Carriers commissioned a construction audit in order to better understand the makeup of the claim as presented in order for them to adjust the loss.

The Challenge

In order to tackle this challenge, MKA had to conduct an analysis that could withstand the scrutiny of many interested parties. This required the processing and analysis of nearly a million documents, undertaking multiple site inspections, developing a Cost Estimate and Construction Schedule.

The Solution

MKA designed an  estimating system to specifically respond to the most significant and fundamental aspects of this assignment.  Our team also developed a document analysis system in order to provide tailored document support for our findings.

The Result

Once MKA completed the assignment, the Insurance Carriers were able to adjust the claim for an amount significantly lower than the claim.