Law Firms & Legal Professionals

Since many of our assignments involve forensic investigation and analysis, MKA International, Inc. (MKA) has found ourselves providing services for Law Firms both Nationally and Internationally. Having worked with some of the most prestigious Law Firms around the globe, we bring with us decades of litigation savvy experience. Not only do we add value from a technical perspective, but also in strategic aspects of finding resolution. Our staff at MKA is comprised of experienced professionals that provide credible, reliable, and meaningful Expert Witnesses in every case. Senior staff for any of our professional disciplines are experienced in the litigation process and have testified in a manner that allows Judges, Juries, Arbitrators and Appraisers to easily grasp the complex issues.

Construction Defect
Construction Defect Claims

Our founding Principal, Mr. Jozef Kneppers, has been performing Construction Defect litigation since 1981. MKA has over 35 years of experience representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in cases involving defective conditions in buildings. Our team of Consultants, Architects & Engineers can not only serve any party in a Construction Defect litigation matter, but we can also perform fault apportionment analyses and develop cost mitigation strategies.

Liability Insurance Claims
Liability Insurance Claims

Our Forensic Architects, Civil/Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, and Construction Consultants have significant experience assisting with forensic investigations involving a broad range of projects including Personal Injuries, Building Codes,  Construction, and Slip-Trip-Fall accidents. We provide litigation support and Expert Witness Testimony to the legal, insurance and business communities on claims and legal disputes involving OSHA Compliance, Construction, Design and Installation Defects/Disputes for all building types.

In addition to Construction Defects, many Liability Insurance Claims emanate from Subrogation matters. Our team fully understands the complexity of these claims as they relate to Property Loss Claims and are well equipped to assist in the process of resolution.

Construction Contract Disputes
Construction Contract Disputes

Our company was in part founded on the services we offer to all parties involved in Contract Disputes. Co-founder Mr. John Madsen set the bar for our Dispute Resolution services to Contractors, Owners and Designers. As a team, we have over 35 years of experience preparing and defending Delay/Disruption Claims; the amounts handled range from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars. By using the latest programs to assist us with Document Management and Cost/Scheduling, our uniquely experienced Construction Team is able to accurately determine Entitlement and Damages in as effective a manner as possible.

Fire Electrical
Fire/Electrical Origin & Cause

If you need help managing and conducting complex Fire Investigations, our team of Fire Investigation Experts can provide assistance. From the initial site inspection through the actual courtroom presentations.

Alternative Dispute
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

MKA is experienced in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that is inclusive of Mediation, Appraisal, and Arbitration). Having participated in thousands of these hearings and successfully represented our Clients on both small and large complex cases.

Litigation support

Our Construction and Design Professionals provide unparalleled support to our Clients involved Litigation in the following ways:

  • Document Management and Discovery Assistance
  • Database Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Deposition Assistance, Questions and Exhibits
  • Interrogatory Preparation and Responses
  • Trial Graphics and Demonstrative Models


Img Michelle (Shelly) J. Robbins
Michelle J. Robbins, AIA, NCARB
Executive Manager

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A. Marc Goupille
A. Marc Goupille
Executive Manager

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