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Every building requires both routine and incidental maintenance as well as periodic capital improvements. In the same fashion, the civil aspects of construction such as drainage, geotechnical, infrastructure, waterways, dams, etc., require planning for maintenance and to avoid premature degradation. MKA International, Inc. (MKA®) Construction Consulting and Environmental Consulting services, including consultation services in the field of construction of environmentally-conscious buildings are provided by our team of seasoned professionals that cover the entire spectrum that most businesses and institutions require in both facility planning condition surveys and maintenance programs.

Poverty Condition
Property Condition Assessment

Buildings are designed and constructed from a variety of materials with the selection type intended to suit both form and functional needs. The type of materials used to construct a building can directly impact its life expectancy.  Decisions made in the early conceptual stage can have a profound impact on the frequency and level of maintenance. In order to keep these processes cost effective, MKA tailors programs to suit each building’s unique requirements. We take property condition surveys to provide Owners with the best tools to make informed decisions. By using the latest drone and 3D technology to survey and map and record the building’s condition, our Estimators are able to provide as accurate estimates as possible. All of our Construction Cost Estimators have been certified by the American Society of Professional Cost Estimators; their estimates reflect real-world and current pricing, allowing our evaluations to be projected into life cycle costs and analyses.

Risk Management
Risk Management & Mitigation Services

Managing risk is not only a function of the building composition and configuration, but also of the operations conducted within the confines of the facility. Because risk assessments need to be kept current, it is absolutely crucial to stay abreast of updated industry safety developments. Yearly risk assessments reduce both Property and Liability Insurance cost premiums. In addition to the main perils of fire, explosion, wind, and hail, Risk Assessments should also consider the geographical consequence of both seismic and flood zones.

Performance Testing & Evaluations
Program Management

MKA has extensive hands-on knowledge across a wide array of construction disciplines. Our team can provide you with all of the tools necessary to coordinate your project team while meeting your schedule and budget requirements.

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Construction Cost Estimating

Our company specializes in Construction Cost Estimating and can develop an accurate assessment of how the construction project is progressing.

Value Engineering
Value Engineering

Value engineering can be an extremely useful tool for making evidence-based decisions. Looking for alternative materials that provide the same function is a complex process and requires a defined objective to be successful. This process requires the participation of an Owner, Designer, Construction Consultant, and a Cost Engineer.

Replacement Cost Evaluations

Replacement cost analysis demands periodic reviews and should distinguish between the costs incurred during normal business climates and those driven by need due to catastrophic events. MKA is both capable of and adept at performing those studies. We have over 35 years of experience in all types of Property Loss assessments.


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