Michelle J. Robbins

Michelle J. Robbins AIA, NCARB

Executive Manager

Office: Las Vegas
4025 S. El Capitan Way,
Las Vegas, NV 89147

35-plus years in the Construction industry and is both a licensed General Contractor and Architect. Her experience includes all aspects of Design/Development, Bidding and Construction. Building types include commercial, hotel, child and senior care facilities, historic preservation, and multi-family housing commercial projects.

At MKA International, Inc. (MKA), her focus is on litigated matters and the assessment of claims involving Construction Defects. Ms. Robbins has been qualified as an Expert and has participated in a multitude of Construction Litigated projects. Her experience includes Negotiations, Settlement Process in Mediation, and Arbitration. She has been Deposed and testified in Trial.

Previously, Ms. Robbins was the Regional Manager of the Las Vegas office. She currently oversees our national practice area in Construction Defect Litigation services. Her experience in development, design, and construction has been applied to our Building Technology Consulting Group in the field of Construction Litigation. Beyond her degree in Architecture, she has a multitude of continuing education in associated technical fields. She has provided both classes at higher education facilities as an Adjunct Professor as well as Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in the states of Arizona, Florida and Nevada on topics that involve Code, Building Envelope and other Design aspects.

She was the founding Principal of a design and development firm. Her experience includes Land Acquisition, Environmental Studies, Code and Building Approval as well as Project Feasibility.