Civil/Geotechnical Engineering

Heather A.

Heather Hespeler

20-plus years of Civil, Geotechnical/Geological, and Environmental Consulting experience throughout the western United States, as well as Texas and Florida.  Ms. Hespeler is a dually licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Engineering Geologist and has been involved with all phases of geotechnical consulting, including construction materials testing, geotechnical design, and post-construction forensic (claim-related) projects. She is a Resource Lead at MKA International, Inc. (MKA) for the Civil/Geotechnical aspects of our services. Ms. Hespeler provides services in our…

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Robert W.

Robert McMichael

35-plus years of Engineering and Environmental Consulting experience throughout the United States and internationally.  Mr. McMichael is a Civil Engineer and as a National Practice Manager at MKA International, Inc. (MKA), he oversees all aspects of our Civil/Geotechnical services. His experience consists of a multitude of projects including feasibility and planning phase studies, due‐diligence investigations, environmental remediation design and implementation, design‐phase geotechnical studies, Construction‐Phase support projects, and Post‐Construction (Forensic) studies.…

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