Nashville, TN

The Project

A warehouse distribution center in Nashville, Tennessee sustained hail damage to a 300,000 square foot single-ply ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) roof. The claim for roof replacement due to hail damage was approximately $2 million.

The Challenge

Given the size of the roof and the widespread nature of the hail impact, the challenge was to effectively and accurately locate and quantify hail related damage in the membrane as well as identifying pre-existing conditions.

The Solution

MKA utilized infrared imaging to supplement the visual inspection and establish the presence of moisture below the membrane. The infrared imaging was able to discern moist area signatures as small as 6 inches in diameter. These areas could easily be located and verified on the following day.

The Result

MKA was able to accurately document all of the hail related damage in the membrane, as well as the damage that resulted from the installation and/or maintenance related issues. As a result, it was determined that the hail damage in the membrane could be patched and repaired with a very high level of confidence that all the leaks and damage had been addressed.