MKA offers Clerk of the Works/ Site Monitoring

Insurance losses, be they classified as property or builder’s risk, are often complicated by unknowns such as hidden conditions that cannot be clearly defined by the scope of work, building code requirements or percent of completion of the scope of work at the time of the loss. These and other issues make it difficult to clearly define the scope of the loss and/or claim. Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. (MKA) offers Clerk of the Works services which assists in the reduction of uncertainty, aids in determining the risk exposure and assures transparency when conditions arise during repairs that were not readily apparent at the onset of the project. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced Construction Consultants, Construction Cost Estimators and Restoration Consultants can provide monitoring for both restoration and clean-up phases, as well as during the repair process. From initial construction audits all the way through to final reconciliation, MKA stays involved.

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