Roof Consulting

E. Bryan

15 years of experience in the Roofing and Construction industries, Mr. Longmire is a Registered Roof Observer and a Resource Lead at MKA International, Inc. (MKA) for the Roof Consulting aspects of our services specializing in evaluating existing roof conditions and damage resulting from weather events and other factors of both low and steep slope roof systems. Mr. Longmire’s consulting experience includes a variety of projects that involve property loss and builder’s risk insurance…

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Chris J.

Chris J. Kneppers

45-plus years of experience in the Construction industry in a number of engineering disciplines with an emphasis in Cost Estimating. Mr. Kneppers is the Director of MKA International, Inc. (MKA). Mr. Kneppers 30 years of experience in Property Loss Assessment includes all aspects of Roof Damage and Defect Analysis. He has managed Large Loss Catastrophe related assignments in both the United States and internationally and is a Large Loss Expert involving…

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Jay B.

Jay Jennings

15-plus years of experience in Retail, Grocery, Education, and Medical Facilities Design, Construction and Assessment. He is a licensed Architect, Registered Roof Consultant and is the Resource Lead at MKA International, Inc. (MKA) for the Roof Consulting aspects of our services. Mr. Jennings evaluates building design and Construction involving building failure analysis, performs cause and origin investigations, code review and interpretation. Mr. Jennings specializes in the evaluation of roofing system…

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